During the procurement phase, supplier candidates are thoroughly investigated and assessed for the analysis certificates of products and raw materials, storage and transportation conditions reports (MSDS reports). In accordance with the quality assurance systems we follow, the correctness of the relevant reports of the products supplied by the supplier is controlled within the scope of the laboratory and when these possibilities are insufficient, necessary checks are provided by using external laboratories and university laboratories.


The acceptance of the supplier companies we work with as an “approved supplier” is important for our company in terms of quality standards. For this purpose, our supplier partners are scheduled to visit from ourside periodically. Our supplier evaluation criteria are the four principles that we attach utmost importance

  • to ensure long-term working,
  • timely delivery,
  • ethical behavior,
  • product quality and compliance with commitments in a sustainable manner.


Apart from our existing products, all of the raw materials to be supplied within the context of the increase of the product range and new product works can be taken to the supply list after the taste, activity, organoleptic and microbiological analyzes with the stability studies of the products obtained by taking place in the trial productions. At this stage, our preference is often our approved and western suppliers. In order to develop mutual business processes and provide a long-term working environment, improvement and development works have been carried out with the companies that receive the procurement services.