In accordance with customer’s demand Meksmar welcomes this project and starts to study on that. Meksmar analyze the customer’s project for all perspectives and gives effort to understand the needs of customer. Our main goal is to understand the projected products’ demanded: taste, effectiveness, ingredients type (natural or combination API), price policy, marketing activities and plan, clarification & registration policy.

Some of our business partners are:

  • Activo Health (South Africa)
  • Al-faisal Medicine (Yemen)
  • Al-Hokama Medicine (Iraq)
  • Asia pharm (Mongolia)
  • Bell’s Healthcare (U.K.)
  • Ecopharm S.A.R.L. (Lebanon)
  • Ferrer Group International (Spain)
  • International Medical Company (Qatar)
  • Julphar (UAE & KSA)
  • Komot Pharma (KOSOVO)
  • Nasrallah Trade (Jordan)
  • Neopharm (Bulgaria)
  • Pharmstandard LLC (Russia)
  • Riad Medicine (UAE)
  • Searle Co. (Pakistan)
  • Today Pharma (Hong Kong)
  • Trident (Malaysia)

Since the years Meksmar has been established, has set itself as one of the main targets to be able to take place in international markets and to increase the export opportunities continuously. By devoting itself to this goal, we are constantly committed to keeping the quality of our products at the highest level, competing in the markets where our business partners are able to compete, maintaining innovative and innovative design and production understanding, and creating fast and flexible supply solutions.

Above all, Meksmar takes below topics into consideration:

  • Analyze the local needs and gaps in the market
  • Exhibiting different products (previously non-marketed) with alternatives for formulas, mould types, lozenge or drops style, box artworks
  • Detecting the latest trend in the market & developing formulas according to needs and functions
  • Product concept (brand name / flavors / ingredients / box design etc…)
  • Before manufacturing for order samples are served for %100 customer satisfaction
  • Full assistance for registration procedures
  • Select appropriate & reliable logistics
  • Delivering the products on time