Meksmar Natural and Healthy Products Production & Marketing Co. Ltd. was established in 1997 in Ankara / TURKEY.

After year 2000, Meksmar has renewed its machinery and packaging units and become able to use modern techniques for production of herbal pastilles and cough drops.

In the year 2003, Meksmar has started to produce “pharma quality” lozenges. This lead Meksmar to get specialized on producing herbal pastilles and lozenges. In recent years the company has become one of the major players at pharmacy lozenges market.  Focusing on developing new formulas and new products, Meksmar has got 20 registered brands at the market.

Research & Development studies are carried with persistence. Our staff’s education level has been increased continuesly. We made cooperation with universities to advance the knowledge to produce unique formulas that works well.

Innovative thinking started to be the major motto of Meksmar. Meksmar is the first natural powder gingered lozenge producer company in the world. This has been patented several years ago. Similarly propolis liquid extract has been used as a disinfectant and soothing agent at the formulas.

Some products of Meksmar are herbal and consist of only natural ingredients. These are herb oil, herb powder and plant extract. Comperatively some products of Meksmar consist of both herbal and active pharmaceutical ingredients in their formulas to strengthen the effect of formulas.

Meksmar covers %35 – 40 of the pharmacy lozenges market in Turkey. Apart from the domestic sales, we export product range to the outer part of our boundary to 4 continents, 30 countries.

Production is held on, under the standard of ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2015 criteria. As well, Meksmar follows Clean Room principles and GMP standards. The areas for production are designed in the basis of Class C validation.

With renovation and improvements in the facility, ISO 13485:2016 (CE) is certified for Medical Device production. Meksmar has now capability to classify the products as Medical device in addition to food, functional food, food supplement.

After the investment for soft lozenges machinery in 2016, Soft lozenges presented as a new product type next to hard boiled lozenges. Meksmar is the only local producer of soft lozenges as well.

Meksmar has more than 1675 ton and 70 million blisters annual production capacity.