Faruk Bahçecitapar started his enterprise story in 1963 in Ankara by establishing Emek Kliche. Emek Ofset Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the printing industry which, In 1972, it was incorporated and continued its activities. In 1979, he became the pioneer of the first offset printing machine in Ankara to enter the private sector.


In the following years, Faruk Bahçecitapar, in parallel with his industrial activities, has been tasked with various clubs and foundations such as chairman of the profession committee of Ankara Chamber of Industry.


In the 90’s he began to be interested in food and healthy nutrition. He explored production possibilities in these matters. In addition to printing activities, in 1997, for the purpose of food production, Meksmar Natural and Healthy Products Ltd. Sti. was established as a family business.


It has been a pioneer in that Meksmar is the most important player in the Turkish pharmacy market in exporting lozenge production and exporting to more than 30 countries by providing a variety of products, increasing sales channels in the inner market and evaluating export opportunities.


Faruk Bahçecitapar, who is working with this second and third generation and experienced and competent team to work in this direction, shares his experiences with young people as a daring industrialist and still continues to serve as the chairman of the board of directors.