Meksmar has got highly specialized on producing Lozenges, Herbal Pastilles and Cough Drops. Having 20 years experience on, one and only field, leads Meksmar to become an expert.


All production steps are carried under principles of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005 and GMP, Clean Room Standards. Entire manufacturing process are monitored from start to finish. These operations are followed by our food engineers, chemists, advisor pharmacist and technical personnel.


For every process, raw materials, packaging materials, produced products are all subjected to quality control procedures. Laboratory studies are done and after results the products are released. To achieve these high standards and quality, training for personnel are organized regularly. To maintain sustainable development “research & development” and “know-how” studies are carried with our personnel and university academicians. Besides innovative thinking and being open for all ideas are encouraged. Consequently Meksmar has got 20 registered brands, 2 patented formulas and some innovation awards.


In addition to above topics, validation for air, validation & calibration for equipments and machinery is reported regularly. Also periodically all procedures are audited by supervisors and official authorities.


Major advantage of Meksmar is, having all steps, “idea to manufacture” under a single roof. As well Meksmar has its own graphic & design department & its own printing house.


Up to year 2014, we have created more than hundred pastilles and lozenges brands for Meksmar’s customers and for its own.


In the year 2015, Meksmar has started to make contract manufacturing for reputable pharmaceutical company in Spain, U.K., Pakistan, U.A.E. in addition to its existing references in three continents. In 2016, Meksmar started to produce complementary herbal syrup products for children & adults.